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BlueBox is the new Italian TV brand conceived by two well-known tv entrepreneurs: Lucio Presta and Silvio Testi. BlueBox aims to represent the best Italian creativity, collecting under one unique brand the best tv writers proven by their successful experience and the creativity of new talented format creators. BB mainly focuses on creativity and innovation with the aim of developing and producing new shows for the international and local tv market.

Lucio Presta

Co-Founder & President

Manager, events artistic director, promoter and tv producer. Lucio Presta was born on February 14th 1960 in Cosenza and attended the Salesian college in La Spezia. His passion for dancing made him become a professional dancer and enter the tv world. Since then he will never leave the tv showbiz, holding different tasks with increasing responsibilities becoming today the most important tv talent agent in Italy. His long lasting carrier demonstrated his ability to find a talent out and supplying a way to make it grow, protect and always keep it alive. His carrier is filled of big names, internationally known like Roberto Benigni and the top Italian artists like Paolo Bonolis, Lorella Cuccarini, Mara Venier, Paola Perego, Antonella Clerici and many others. He had the opportunity to show his versatility and competence when he has been appointed Artistic Director for many successful tv shows like the San Remo Festival, Amici, Celentano-rock Economy, Miss Italia, The Voice of Italy and the recital Tutto Dante performed by Roberto Benigni, the big theater success all over the world. His long lasting experience, all the stars represented by him, his collaboration with important Italian creators, his production and his artistic direction of successful shows made him one of the most important personality in the Italian tv showbiz. Since 2013 he is the Co-founder and President of Blue Box Entertainment.


Silvio Testi

Co-Founder & CEO

Tv Producer and format creator, song writer and musical producer. He Is born and raised in Rome, after the bachelor degree in Law, he focuses on discographic production, selling millions of copies and earning a few Gold Records. He has been working in television since 1980 and, for a period of about 10 years , he signed as author and producer for the most important productions on RAI network, especially for the main channel RAI UNO. Since the end of the 80s, he started working for MEDIASET networks – CANALE 5, RETE 4 and ITALIA 1 channels – in many entertainment shows and holding as producer the absolute record for share on RETE 4 and ITALIA 1. Among the most recent productions, the Italian adaptations of the international formats THE MOLE, DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS, DATE MY MOM, THE COLOUR OF MONEY. He is the founder of MUSICAL ITALIA, the company for which he has the managing and artistic direction. Moreover he produced the biggest hit with the Italian adaptation of the musical GREASE, that has still being staged after 14 years and beating any previous record. Has founded and directed TRIANGLE PRODUCTION, the tv production company that for over 10 years has been operating in international markets with important deals abroad of Italian formats. Since 2013 he is the Co-founder and CEO of Blue Box Entertainment.

Head of Sales & Acquisitions

Cecilia Pagliani

Managing Director

Valerio Bordoni


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